what makes us...us

New England Brewing Company is a small craft brewery located in Woodbridge, CT right on the border of New Haven. We are proud to be brewing carefully crafted beers for local consumption. We're one of the pioneers of putting quality craft beer in cans and has an ever growing line up of beers that offer both traditional ales and lagers as well more unique takes on existing styles.

We bring passion for flavor and quality into the brewery in order to produce craft beers that they hope will be among the first choice of craft beer enthusiasts and new comers alike.

New England Brewing Company was listed as one of the top 20 breweries in the country by BeerAdvocate.com in both 2009 and 2010. Drink it. It's Good.
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Our claim
to fame.

We are only the second craft brewery on the entire East Coast to have it's beer for sale in cans. And yes. We've seen the episode of Cheers when Norm got the job as a beer-taste tester. No, we don't need one.

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Our Elm City Lager is named after New Haven, CT.

New Haven is referred to as the Elm City. Few elms remain for they have succumbed to Dutch Elm Disease, or simply left town.

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Did you know?

There are 9 different renderings of Elvis Presely throughout the brewery.

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The Elm City Lager is a true, all German beer.

The hops, malt, even the yeast used in the fermentation are all imported from Germany.

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Each holding tank holds about 1,000 gallons of beer.

There are 5 tanks in the NEB brew house. With each gallon equalling 8 pints and each pint holding around 10 mouthfuls on the average, you would have to swallow 400,000 times in order to drink all of the tanks dry.

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Gold Stock Ale is a seasonal beer.

It makes infrequent appearances at area bars. Therefore, if sighted, drink as much of it as possible. Responsibly, of course.