NEB Growlers

Brewery Fresh Growlers are available so stop in, sample the current draft list and fill your growler. Don’t have a growler? No problem, we have NEB Branded growlers in stock. Reusable growlers are great for the environment and it is impossible to get fresher beer than directly from the brewery.

What is a Growler?

Simply- a 1/2 gallon jug that we fill right in front of you with the freshest beer. Holds 4 pints or 5 to 6 smaller glasses. Great for sharing or bringing home with dinner.

How long does a growler keep fresh unopened? If refrigerated, for a few weeks, but we suggest enjoy the same day.

What if I don’t finish the growler in one night? Then you’re a responsible drinker! We recommend having a friend or two help you, the next day it may have lost some carbonation and in a few days it will become oxidized and not as enjoyable. Think of it as putting half a bottle of beer in the fridge, not so hot the next day.

Can I bring a non NEB Growler in for a fill? Sure, we like seeing where you’ve been.

Is there a deposit on a new NEB Growler? No, it’s yours. Don’t want it? Put some nice flowers in it and give it to mom.

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Imperial Stout Trooper

Brewed in a brewery not too far away and not too long ago...Imerpial Stout Trooper is a full bodied stout with a majestic blend of seven different malts and Northern Brewer hops.

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Ghost Pigeon

Ghost Pigeon Porter is a American Style Porter full of coffee, chocolate, and espresso like flavors and aromas.

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Galaxy Pale Ale

A sessionable pale ale at 4.8%, brewed exclusively with Galaxy hops from New Zealand with big passionfruit like aroma. The first beer in our series of single hops beers.

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Fuzzy Baby Ducks

Our third single hop beer brewed with 100% citra hops. Big citrus aromas with a delicate dry malt presence, juicy resinous orangey hop flavor makes this beer a treat for lovers of hoppy beer.

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Our second addition to our single hops series, brewed with all Nelson Sauvin. Big pineapple, peach and sauvignon blanc like flavor and aroma attempt to be balanced with a bready malt backbone.

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668 The Neighbor of the Beast

"Good fences make good neighbors" - Unless you love next door to Satan. Then you may need something extra to help you cope - like our 668. This hellaciously delicious Belgian Style Ale is brewed with pilsner malts, candi sugar, and blended with American and German Hops. 668, Mortal Tested, Goat Lord Approved.