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Allow us to introduce ourselves...

Beer is Our Passion

We here at NEBCo started brewing beer with one guiding force; passion (Okay, two forces. We also wanted to see if we could actually make beer that we wanted to drink). That initial, passionate drive is still deeply rooted in each one of us today. And it will stick around as we continue to brew our beer, hopefully growing into one of the best and most respected craft breweries in New England. We strive for the highest quality beer experience by following some basic, simple, core values.

Our Core Values

  • Quality
    Look to exceed people's expectations - We continually try to improve the consistency and quality in both our product and our service. We will strive to produce the best overall beer experience but we'll also understand that there's always room to improve.
  • Integrity
    Build trust and respect - The beer business can get pretty ugly at times. But we will always do our best to be honest, open, and legit in all our relationships. Mom always said, "Treat folks exactly how you'd want to be treated." We'll follow Mom on this one.
  • Staff
    Happy workers happily work - If it weren't for our rock star employees, we couldn't produce rock solid beer. And having them feel safe, secure, and "loved…in an odd, family way" is the key element in all of us having a great and successful trip.
  • Community
    Givin' it back - The social and cultural events around the New Haven area (and throughout the state) have given us a lot of support over the years. We invest and donate in these elements and happenings, showing gratitude and offering a hand…and beer.
  • Industry
    Raise the tide, raise the ships - Sharing with other area breweries, be it materials or knowledge or working hands, breeds success; not just for the the folks that get help but for all craft breweries. Spread it, bring it up, share it, 'cause... why not?

Our History

Learn how it all began. Check out the history of New England Brewing Co.

Our History

Meet Our Staff

Rob Leonard
John Dieli
Director of Operations
Marty Juliano
Director of Business Development
Matt Weichner
Sebastian Dagostino
Jeff Koebe
Greg Radawich
Thomas Morgan
Warehouse Manager
Jesse Springer
Taproom Supervisor
Pat Cardone
Event Manager/Brand Ambassador
Mike Granoth
Pete Thompson
Reese Harris
Max Ludwig
Mara Leonard
Office Wench
Mosely The Dog
Director of Security & Food Policing
Eileen Taylor
Craig Gilbert
Taproom/Artistic Design
Will Leonard
Ellie Nolan
Tommy Smith
Events & Taproom
Amanda Johnson
Beth O'Callahan